Why Smart People Take Advantage of Big Discounts on 2019 SUVs instead of Buying 2021 Models

It’s normal to prefer new car models over the older ones. However, most car shoppers don’t know that the newer models have few differences from older generations. You can get a brand new SUV, with all the same features as the latest model, at the price of buying a used SUV.

Therefore, instead of shopping for 2021 SUV models, you can check out 2019 SUVs. Why? Because dealerships are keen on liquidating their inventory before the year ends. This means they drop their prices on 1 or 2-year-old SUVs. These have barely to no mileage on them, are most of the time in mint condition, and at a fraction of the price of a 2021 model.

2019 SUVs have all the same features but at a lower price

2019 SUV Interior

Most people think a new model is the most up to date. Sometimes, this is true, but in most cases, they are the same as the previous year’s models.

Even though models are released each year, cars are not really updated every time. Automakers work with the Model Cycle, a six-year cycle that regulates when an SUV gets a huge update.

Below is what happens during the years of the model cycle:

1st and 2nd year: The vehicle remains the same with no changes

3rd Year: The model is subtly refurbished, and this is to ensure the design of the SUV is fresh and up-to-date. There might be changes to the headlights and paint colors

4th and 5th year: No changes made

6th year: The SUV is revamped, most times to a new style. Everything in the vehicle is restructured.

With the knowledge of this cycle, it is evident that several cars remain in the dealership unchanged from one model year to another. And this is why there are no obvious differences. For the 2019 and 2021 models, the most significant difference would probably be the price.

The 2019 SUVs that were not updated would be way more affordable than the 2021 models. For instance, in 2019, there was a big difference between the new versions and the previous year (2018)

Edmunds mentioned that the 2019 Jeep Renegade is $27,000, and, according to reports from Real Car Tips, the 2018 Jeep Renegade is $21,643. Just like the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2019, which is $38,800, can race as fast as the 2018 model, which is $31,000. When you buy this model, you will be saving around $5,000 or more by purchasing an old SUV model instead of buying a brand-new one.

Dealerships need to sell out all 2019 SUVs

People who decide to buy 2019 SUVs are entitled to promotional deals and incentives by dealerships because they need more space to accommodate new 2021 models. So, automakers are willing to give mouthwatering discounts on the previous year’s models, and as typical of SUVs, these incentives differ throughout the week and every month.

The longer a car remains unsold, the more likely a dealer will try to attract buyers with sweet deals to sell it off. Once the year is about to end, dealerships are always keen on clearing all that is left.

Closing Suggestion

You now know it’s better to get the 2019 SUV model than 2021. The next step is for you to know the offers that dealerships have placed on the table.

You must do your research on 2019 models before you go to the dealership. If care is not taken, you might be taken in by the 2021 SUVs sitting in the lot. To avoid this, do your research on the 2019 SUV models, and compare the prices with their 2021 counterparts.

You need to thoroughly research so that you don’t end up paying more than you should. Once you know what the available deals look like, you can get a 2019 SUV at the lowest possible price.

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