The importance of having Seniors take Driving Lessons

These days, active seniors who can still take care of themselves drive both long and short distances. And most of these seniors want to retain their driving privileges for a long time because they want to remain independent.

However, with reference to the Insurance Institute for Highway safety in 2016, 40% of fatal crashes were among drivers who were 80 years old and above. And this statistic is large compared to the 20% of drivers between the ages of 16-59. This statistic is scary, but it can be changed.  

Seniors need to take driving lessons to improve their driving skills to remain safe on the highway.

Benefits of Driving lessons for seniors

Driving lessons are also called Driver Improvement courses, and they are structured to sharpen the driving skills of individuals to make the roads safer. Several organizations offer these courses custom-made for seniors. And taking any of these courses is a profound way to protect yourself and other motorists on the road.

These courses have many immense benefits for seniors.

Knowing the effect of Medications on driving

It is a known fact that impaired driving cause ghastly or fatal accidents. Notably, it is not safe for someone to drive under the influence of substances like alcohol or recreational drugs. The same applies to prescription medications because they can impair your judgment, reaction time, and vision.

According to statistics, individuals above the age of 65 account for 12% of the United States population. However, these same individuals account for 30% of OTC medication use and 35% of all prescription medication use.

Several health experts have opined that with these statistics, most of the seniors are on over-medication. It is vital to assess how some medications you take can adversely affect your driving.

When you take a driving course, you will be taught about some medications you need to avoid not to affect your driving. It is also crucial to read pamphlets that are included in your medications pack. Some of them have severe warnings that prohibit you from driving cars or heavy machinery alongside taking these medications.

Therefore, it is essential to discuss with your doctor when you want to start taking a new medication so that you can be sure if it either affects your driving or not.

Possible Insurance Discounts

Various public safety departments, senior-interest organizations, and insurance firms offer seniors safe driving courses. When a senior completes a driving improvement course, they qualify for some policy discounts. You can talk with your insurance agent if you meet the requirements for a discount after taking a senior driving course.

You should also shed light on if there are some particular courses that your insurance is approved. For most of these courses, there is an online and offline option. It is essential to attend most of the offline classes because you will have more opportunities to discuss with your instructor and ask critical questions.

Improved understanding of the features of a vehicle

For someone who just got a vehicle and is driving for the first time, you are likely to bury your head in the manual’s content to know about the comfort and safety features. However, you will most likely not remember some of these features.

The best way to know the comfort and safety features is to take a driver improvement course. The tutors will coach you on how to use all the vehicle systems, including traction control and wheel-braking systems.

You will also have the chance to know more about the safety features when you buy or lease a new car. This information would be beneficial for you if you have not purchased a vehicle in a long while, and you are out of touch with the innovative features car manufacturers offer.

Better control over safety and comfort

You might not have taken a driving test in a long while. However, you should be aware that several road rules are created to keep you and other motorists safe. And these rules can be easily forgotten.

When you take a driver improvement course, you will be reminded of these safety tips and essential rules. These courses also allow you to ask driving safety questions that you are not comfortable asking family and friends.

Also, comfort is an important feature when you are driving. If you are not comfortable, you will be distracted during adjusting some settings in the vehicle, which can cause serious accidents.

According to reports in 2015, 10% of fatal car accidents were a result of distracted driving. While taking your refresher course, you will receive essential comfort tips that you will apply to ensure your safety.

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When you get into your car, your primary priority is safety. It is vital to consider enrolling in a driver improvement course to sharpen your driving skills. Seniors would find this beneficial because they will learn several tools and knowledge to keep them safe on the road.

Even though you are a PRO in driving, taking any of these courses is a brilliant decision.

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