Why Japan’s Fox Village is the most charming place on Earth

Do you like seeing charming and hairy creatures? Then it is most likely you will appreciate Fox Village in Japan.

Have you ever thought of a place where there are various species of hairy fox roaming about? This is what Fox Village in Earth looks like, and it is always a delightful scene.

Fox Village is an animal reserve situated in the mountains close to Shiroishi. And this reserve boasts of more than 100 diverse animal species, which includes six dissimilar types of foxes. The distance between Fox Village and the closest city, Shiroishi is 30 minutes.

When you are driving from the city to the village, it is always a surreal and memorable experience. There are lots of beautiful panoramas as you journey down to the village. If you want to have an equally enjoyable ride, you can use the bullet train.

On getting to the village, you will pay to be admitted; then you will be presented with the option of buying little food to give the foxes. The first area of Fox Village is similar to a petting zoo where there are all sorts of small animals like rabbits, foxes, goats, and small horses.

After this part, you will get to the Fox reserve where you will see foxes of various sizes and colors. Always remember that Foxes are wild animals, so you should not feed them with your hand, or touch them. However, you can get very close to them.

According to Japanese Folk stories, Foxes are envoys of Inari Okami, which is the Shinto Deity of fertility and prosperity. So, the Japanese believe that these mystical creatures are harbingers of good fortune. And no one can deny that foxes are the perfect definition of charming.  

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