Top Tourist Places for sports fanatics

Several sports tourists think it is risky to jump from the top of a cliff into a water body that is tons of feet below. This activity is only for those who do not mind taking risks.

While some sports lovers cannot dare to undergo some sports activities, others are searching for the best places in the world where they can have daring fun.

Here is a list of the top tourist destinations for you.

#1 – Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to evergreen tropical rainforest and some of the best beaches in the world. Anyone considering a vacation would find Costa Rica worthwhile. One way to have a bird’s eye view of nature and nurture in Costa Rica is via zip lining.  

Some of the best spots to have an exciting experience through zip lining in Costa Rica are Arenal, Monteverde, and Manuel Antonio.

#2 – New Zealand

New Zealand

If you crave actions that are adrenaline-induced and heart-pumping, New Zealand is one of the places to be. One place that offers you the chance to try out extreme sports is the Ledge Urban Bungy, which is 1300 feet above Queenstown.

If you are highly skilled, you can perform flips and stunts when you are done jumping. Besides, you can check the Nevis Swing, which is notable for being the tallest swing in the world. You can also opt for activities like water rafting, skydiving, and mountain biking.

#3 – Switzerland


People who love adrenaline sports will love Switzerland and would want to return regularly. In this place, several extreme sports range from river rafting to skydiving, bungee jumping, canyon jumping, rock climbing, paragliding, and snowboarding.

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