Top Schools for a Healthcare Degree

The increased demand for medical personnel in the United States has caused the U.S. healthcare system to get ahead of the game by finding new ways to recruit healthcare professionals more quickly.

The primary solution to this has been creating accelerated BSN degrees, which can be completed in fewer than 12 months. If you’re interested in these programs, you’re in luck. Below, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about getting a degree within a year.

1.   Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is the highest-ranking school for Master’s programs in nursing. The private school asks applicants to apply by January 1. You should expect there to be a $70 fee if you live in the United States.

Johns Hopkins has both a master’s program and a DNP program. For the full-time master’s program, you’ll pay around $1700 per credit, and for the DNP, you’ll pay almost $1800 per credit.

Johns Hopkins ranked 2nd in the family nurse practitioner specialty, DNP leadership, DNP management, and nursing administration. They also rank third for the best school for Doctor of Nursing Practice.

2.   Duke University

Duke University

Duke University is a private university and is another popular contender for those looking to become RNs. There’s a $50 registration fee to apply, and you can expect to pay around $1850 per credit for schoolwork. Duke University ranked 2nd in top nursing schools for master’s programs and 4th for doctorate’s.

Duke University holds first place in DNP administration. It also holds first place in acute care for adults and gerontology, master’s in nursing administration, family nursing practitioner, and nursing administration.

3.   University of North Carolina

University of California

The University of North Carolina is the first public school on our list. If you want to apply, the deadline is November 27. If you live within the state, you’ll likely pay just over $20 000 per year, and if you live out-of-state, you’ll pay only over $40 000. This program has around 93 faculty members and 330 people in their enrollment.

The University of North Carolina ranks third for specialties in master’s nursing practitioner: primary care and mental illness across the lifespan.

4.   University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania ranks highest in the adult/gerontology specialty and pediatric care. This school is actually tied with the University of North Carolina for 3rd. The application fee is $80, and students can expect to pay around $45000 per year for the master’s program.

If you want to do the DNP program, you can expect to pay the same amount as the full-time master’s students. If you’re looking to apply for next year, you should know that the application deadline is November 1. Its top-ranked specialty is adult/gerontology for primary care, as well as pediatric primary care.

5.   Emory University

Emory University

Emory University is another private university. The tuition price per credit is a bit higher than some others, sitting at $1906 per credit. Emory University’s DNP program’s tuition is a bit lower, at around $1600 per credit. While Emory University is fifth on our list, it is also a highly rated university for Master’s programs.

This school has ranked exceptionally high for its DNP specialty in administration, management, nursing for family practice, and acute care for gerontology and adults. The school also ranked high for DNP specialty in leadership and primary care for adults and gerontology.

6.   Ohio State University

Ohio State University

Ohio State University is one of the most beloved universities in the country. It’s a public school that is recognized for its investment in student welfare and on-campus activities. There is an application fee of $60 to apply to the school. You can also expect to pay $973 per credit of a full-time school if you live in-state. If you live out-of-state, though, you’ll pay nearly $2550 per credit.

The school’s nursing enrollment sits at about 970 students, depending on the semester and year. If you’re planning to apply to Ohio State University, you should do so before the October 31 deadline.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a school to complete your nursing degree isn’t easy. With so many specialty options and so many different programs available, it would be unusual for you not to be confused. That’s why we created this list, which details the best universities for those looking to become registered nurses. From Johns Hopkins to Ohio State University, we’ve got you covered.

If there are schools that you think belong on this list or have questions that we didn’t answer, contact us today!

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