TOP 5 Tips that every Female Solo-Travelers must know

As a female solo traveler, I have been to parts of Europe, Asia, and South America, and there are three tips I can give every solo female traveler. First is, don’t believe everything, trust your instinct, and do it!

#1 – Don’t deem everything you hear to be true.

Solo Female Traveler

When I resigned from my job in the United Kingdom to tour the whole of South America, my co-workers kept discouraging me. They told me that I could be murdered, raped, or robbed. I took their words to heart, but I did not let those words deter me from going.

My trip to South America was one of the best experiences I ever had. I did not experience any bad events. I made several friends, and by the time the trip was over, I was renewed with feelings of freedom, independence.

#2 – Do not let fear dissuade you from traveling. Several people do it.

Woman holiday journey travel relaxation

When you make up your mind to do something, the only person that can discourage you is you. If you are traveling as a first-timer, it is normal to be scared or nervous. However, I can assure you the fear would fade off once you get to your destination.

You will not even feel lonely because you will make lots of new friends, and there would not be room for boredom.

#3 – Know when you are likely to be Vulnerable


As a female solo traveler, you need to be able to spot situations when you can be more vulnerable as a woman. It would be great if you remembered that in each country, women are oppressed more than men. However, another thing to keep you going is, there are lots of women who will support you.

It is crucial to implement safety precautions, and it would be best to inquire from your accommodation staff or tour guide on insecure places you must avoid.

#4 – Trust your instincts


Lots of people are good, but there is a minute fraction of those who cannot be trusted. To prevent yourself from entering into harm’s way, it is best to trust your guts. If something does not seem right, do not do it.

We need our instinct game to be in top gear, and this is particularly important for women because we are more vulnerable. Your instinct game requires common sense to function properly. For instance, it would be totally unsafe for you to visit the ATM at night when people are barely on the road.

Moreso, it does not make sense of getting drunk all by yourself and going back to your accommodation through dark and lonely alleys. Even though life involves taking risks which traveling is part of, you need to avoid doing some things that can contribute to these risks.

#5 – Don’t procrastinate


The reason why some people don’t do something is because of the built-up fear and disbelief in their minds. A good number of times, the fear isn’t close to what reality looks like. If you want to travel as a female solo traveler, there is no need to fret. Do not give room for excuses, and quit paying attention to people who will try to discourage you with worries and doubts.

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