The Top 4 Holiday Spots for Beer Lovers

Beer tourism is currently increasing at a rapid rate, and one of the primary factors responsible for it is the craft beer obsession.

This review contains the best four places in the world to have your craft beer holiday. After conducting ample research on several craft brews, we believe these four places have the best to offer.

#4 – Brussels, Belgium

Belgium Beer Party

For people who love beer, going to Belgium is like going on a Pilgrimage. Brussels has a notable history of top-notch brewing beer that dates several centuries ago. A good number of these craft breweries are established in churches, convents, and ancient historical edifices.

The Westvleteren Brewery is home to Trappist monks who brew beers in a convent. If you are planning to visit Brussels anytime soon, you should come around the Zythos Bierfestival, which is the biggest beer event in Belgium.

#3 – Portland (Oregon), USA

Portland Oregan Beer Festival

Many Americans refer to Portland as the mecca of craft beer. In Portland, there are more than 105 breweries. And because of this competition, the beer is perfect because each brewery has to survive.

With several breweries in Portland, it means you are always close to having a glass of excellent wine.

The beer tourism industry in Portland is also thriving as there are lots of tours using all means of transportation.

When you visit Portland, you must take a drive from the famous Columbia River Highway to the Hood River. Along the way, you will sight lots of craft breweries to check out.

#2 – Nelson, New Zealand

New Zealand Beer Festival

Nelson is referred to as the “home of hops” and the center of craft beer in New Zealand. If you want to check out Nelson’s craft beer breweries, one common way to do this is by traveling through the biking brewery routes. These routes are an easy terrain, and they are flat, which makes cycling appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness.

You will also see lots of cafes, wineries, museums, and top-notch restaurants in Nelson, New Zealand.

#1 – Munich, Germany

For lovers of beer, you would have heard about the annual festival in Munich called Octoberfest. Those who have attended can attest that Octoberfest is usually mind-blowing. However, this festival is nowhere near what Munich has to offer.

Various craft breweries are springing up in the city, and the quality of beer produced is one of the best in the world.

If you have a bucket list for visiting Craft beer destinations, these places should be on your list.

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