Cheap Over-the-Counter Creams for Arthritis That Actually Work

Arthritis is a severe health condition that impacts discomfort, pain, and aches in patients. And attempting to manage the symptoms does not bring relief every time.

There are various options for treating Arthritis and managing the pain that it brings. Health providers usually endorse a mix of therapies, medications, and some lifestyle changes. However, you will be wowed to see that something as small as an over-the-counter cream can provide you with relief. And the amazing part is, you don’t have to break the bank to buy them.

Some Over-the-counter creams contain the right ingredients that alleviate arthritis pain. For some OTC creams, they provide comfort to your joints and make you feel less stiff. You can rub these creams on areas of your body where you feel pain, and this can be done several times daily.

If you want to get the creams that perform best, you need to research on the creams that have the ideal pain-relieving constituents for treating Arthritis.

Below are some of the ingredients that some efficient over-the-counter creams contain:

  • Salicylates: They reduce irritation, swelling and inflammation
  • Warming ingredients: They are called counterirritants, and some of them are cinnamon oil, menthol, eucalyptus oil, and camphor. They provide warmth or coolness to the skin, which makes you forget about the pain.
  • Capsaicin: They reduce pain by obstructing the pain receptors in your skin.

There’s no harm in giving over-the-counter creams that have these ingredients a trial, as they could help to alleviate your symptoms.

Below are some of the best you can get:

Bengay Ultra Strength Pain Relieving Cream

Price: $4.69

How it functions

The Bengay Ultra Strength Pain Relieving Cream comes with three profound ingredients, and collectively they help to treat arthritis pain. This cream contains salicylates that treat swelling and inflammation. It also comes with menthol and camphor to cool and warm the skin, respectively.

When the skin absorbs the cream, it receives relief from any trivial arthritis pain and bone or muscle pain.

Icy Hot Vanishing Gel

Price: $8.29

How it functions

This cream contains cooling menthol and anti-inflammatory salicylates that provides immediate and far-reaching effects. The Icy Hot Vanishing Gel is like a vanishing gel because when applied, the scent and color fade off quite fast. When your skin absorbs the cream, it produces a cooling effect which then warms up the area where you are feeling pain.

Myoflex Odorless Pain Relieving Cream

Price: $8.46

How it functions

If you do not fancy the fragrance of conventional creams, you will love the Myoflex Odorless cream. It has no fragrance, and it has a lotion texture. This cream can be effortlessly applied without leaving a greasy feeling. The Myoflex Odorless cream comes with salicylates that combat inflammation which causes arthritis pain.

Capzasin-HP Arthritis Cream

Price: $15.99

How it functions

This topical cream contains capsaicin which is one of the best ingredients for treating Arthritis. This ingredient is what you see in chili peppers, and it can relieve you of muscle strains and sprains alongside with arthritis pain.

When you apply this cream, you will feel a warm sensation on your skin.

Sportscreme Deep Penetrating Pain Relieving Rub

Price: $6.79

How it functions

This pain-relieving cream is usually used among athletes, but it still comes in handy for those who have Arthritis. The Sportscreme Deep Penetrating Pain Relieving Rub contains Salicylates which soothes painful inflammation. Also, this sweet-fragranced cream provides quick pain relief.

Why you should use Over-the-Counter Cream for Treating Arthritis

Notably, there are various arthritis treatments, and each treatment works separately for different people. You might need to integrate some changes to your lifestyle, and another individual might need to exercise and apply some topical creams.

If you are feeling excruciating arthritis symptoms, you can find relief when you apply these creams to your skin. A good number of them are affordable, and they can be easily accessed at regular drugstores.

Always remember that you must do your research before using any product on your skin. Also, you should discuss with your doctor if you experience side effects after using any arthritis cream.

To wrap it up, you should compare the ingredients of various products, their prices and see which fits your need.

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