Preventing Psoriasis Outbreaks with Natural Remedies

One of the most annoying health experiences that makes you want to isolate yourself is Psoriasis. They are red patches that show up on your skin without any prior knowledge. Moreso, they are scaly and itchy, and this makes people who have them overly-conscious in public.

Psoriasis takes its root from the complexity of a dysfunctional immune system. The good news is, some healthy habits can reduce frequent outbreaks and intensity when they show up.

Symptoms of Psoriasis

There are various forms of Psoriasis, each having a distinct look and different initiators. Generally, the psoriasis rash appears scaly and red, and they can be seen on the hands, face, feet, private part, and scalp.

Guttate Psoriasis occurs in children and teenagers. In their case, the rash comprises little red dots. While Inverse Psoriasis is shiny red, it is found in the human body’s warm and hidden areas. E.g., The armpits.

Psoriasis occurs in cycles. This implies that it can intensify and recede. For some individuals, they experience total reduction.

Common Psoriasis triggers to avoid


Stress is a common trigger for Psoriasis. And this is because inflammation is the direct result of our body’s primary response to stress. People who have Psoriasis have an over-responsive immune system. So, such people need to cut down on stress.


Several studies have established a connection between Psoriasis and smoking. These studies have cited that smoking increases your risk of developing this health condition. The reason for this is, nicotine adversely affects the growth of skin cells and our immune system.

Also, smoking is connected with stress mismanagement, which is another primary psoriasis trigger.

Skin bruises and injuries

If you have injuries on your skin because of irritations from mosquito bites or powerful sunburns, it can cause a psoriasis outbreak. This is known as the Koebner phenomenon. Health practitioners are not sure why this happens, but they opine that it is a typical response that affects people with Psoriasis, alongside other skin problems like warts and vitiligo.


Even though Psoriasis is irritating, it can get better with treatment. There are various treatment options for severe and mild Psoriasis.

Steroid-based creams

Steroid based creams are the most common treatment for individuals with Psoriasis. These creams reduce the inflammation and decrease skin cells’ over-production that cause scaly and red patches on the skin. Also, these creams induce dryness and relieve you of irritation.

It is vital to strictly use these creams according to your doctor’s prescription and only use them on the body’s affected areas.

Coal Tar

Coal Tar also has a high success rate with Psoriasis. The only downside is, it has an unpleasant odor, and it could be quite messy. To prevent this, you can cover the area with a rag or wrap to prevent it from staining your clothes.

Coal tar creams and ointments were once top-rated. However, people now prefer to use prescription medications.


For treating Psoriasis, there are various injectable and oral medications. Oral medications are divided into two: Oral retinoids and biologics. They are very effective in eliminating the psoriasis rash and reducing the excess production of the cells. The only downside is they are expensive.

They also have side effects like increased chances of congenital disabilities, hair loss, and bone pain.

Natural-light Therapy

If you do not have a severe Psoriasis case, your health provider might recommend you to undergo natural light therapy. This simply means going out at some intervals of the day to expose your skin to the rays of the sun.

Provided you do not injure your skin via sunburn, light therapy is excellent for Psoriasis people.

Narrow-band UVB Therapy

If you have chronic Psoriasis, your health provider might recommend intense light therapy. Narrowband UVB therapy utilizes an ultraviolet light machine where patients are placed between two to five times every week.

The body of the patient is exposed to strong UVB light for a short time. To get visible results, people who have Psoriasis need around five to ten treatments.


If you are not happy with the results obtained from traditional psoriasis therapy, you can seek natural alternatives with your health provider.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has various uses in natural healing, and for years, it has worked fine as a disinfectant. Apple Cider Vinegar helps ease your irritated and itchy skin, particularly if you have a scalp outbreak.

All you need do is, moisturize your head with apple cider vinegar. If you are unsure about the intensity, you can reduce its concentration with water. Allow the apple cider vinegar to stay on your head for some minutes before rinsing it off.

It is advisable not to use if your rash is bleeding or cracked because it will hurt much.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a ubiquitous plant that has several uses. The fluid in this plant comes in handy by providing relief to your itching skin. Aloe Vera makes your skin hydrated, and this will reduce bleeding and cracking.

You can buy the Aloe Vera plant or prepare the gel yourself, or even buy a commercial gel or cream.

Dead Sea Salts

Dead Sea Salts are simply mineral and salts deposits from the Dead Sea. Although a bag of Dead Sea salt resembles ocean salt, the chemical composition is entirely different.

You can use this salt to take a soothing bath for your psoriasis condition. Soak yourself for around 15-20 minutes, then rub cream or lotion on your skin once you leave the tub to prevent the moisture from escaping.


Asides from the fact that oats provide a great meal, they do incredible work on the skin. If you have intensely itchy skin, prepare a bath of warm water, then add a handful of oats (finely ground). Doing this will reduce the swelling on your skin and ease you of the itching.

Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape is also called Barberry. It takes its origin from Northwest Pacific, and it resembles a mistletoe more than it looks like a traditional grape. Based on studies, the Oregon grape content can reduce the redness in psoriasis outbreaks and reduce inflammation.

If you want to use an Oregon grape cream, ensure it contains above 10% Oregon grape extract so that you can be sure of its effectiveness


There is no harm in using natural remedies to treat Psoriasis. However, ensure you carry your doctor along. The reason is, they might have some pieces of advice for you that worked fine for other patients.

It is crucial to know what works for you to limit the frequency of psoriasis outbreaks in the shortest possible time. 

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