How Medicare Can Pay For Your Next Bed

It is challenging to know the details involved when you are paying for health insurance. Some hidden charges and deductibles make it challenging to understand what you are exactly paying for. If you are operating the medicare subscription plan, it is tough to know these details.

Medicare plan is somewhat confusing; however, this does not understate the fact that there are some notable benefits. One of these benefits is a new bed. If you are on the Medicare plan, you might receive a new bed offer all for free.

This piece contains some essential things you need to know if you need a bed as a Medicare subscriber.

Some beds are taken as Durable Medical Equipment.

In Medicare, certain beds are seen as Durable Medical Equipment. A Durable Medical Equipment is an equipment that improves the patients’ quality of life. They are health equipment like wheelchairs, walkers and the likes that are approved by doctors.

Doctors are the only individuals that can prescribe DMEs. And before you can get a DME through Medicare, some essential requirements must be followed.

  • It should be strictly for medical uses.
  • It must be used repeatedly and it should last-long
  • Anyone who is not injured or sick does not need it.
  • It must be used at home.
  • All DMEs have a life expectancy of around three years.

The moment you have been given a DME that has these requirements, Medicare will foot the cost even up to 80%. If you buy the Medicare-approved mattress, it would be sorted under the DME category.

What type of beds does Medicare cover?

Not all mattresses are durable medical equipment unless they have a medical use, and your doctor certifies them. It is vital to know the mattresses that meet Medicare requirements so that you will know if the mattress you want will be paid for.

Under Medicare, there are three bed-related equipment and beds that are covered

  • Pressure reducing beds
  • Pressure reducing mattresses
  • Pressure reducing mattress overlays.

It is more affordable to buy your mattress from a Medicare supplier. To get a supplier, you can check online stores to find Medicare-certified bed suppliers and mattress in your location. There are a variety of options, so it is essential to focus on the Medicare-certified ones for the discount coverage.

Typically, Medicare will foot up to 80% of the entire cost, and you will pay the rest. Mattresses are costly, so this discount is a golden opportunity that Medicare subscribers should use.

It is vital to check your health plan or discuss it with a Medicare representative that will properly guide you on what to do. Depending on your subscription plan, the costs differ. Hence, you need to know what your chances are before you spend your money.

The top 5 pressure relief Mattresses

Below are five mattresses whose expenses can be footed by Medicare

  1. Solace Resolution Glissando Heavy Duty Mattress: This mattress comes with a two-layered high-density foam that helps to reduce friction which typically triggers ulcers. With the Solace heavy-duty mattress, the pressure is redistributed for excellent comfort.
  • Joerns PrevaMatt Defend Pressure Relief Mattress: The material that makes up this mattress provides relief from pressure and gives the best comfort. The materials are environmentally friendly materials made from plants, and they reduce the number of chemicals used in production.
  • Drive Medical Therapeutic-5 Zone Support Mattress: This pressure relief mattress can provide comfort, relief, and support to several therapeutic pressure zones in the body. It does not contain latex, and it reduces friction.
  • ThevoRelief Pressure Relief Mattress: This mattress eases body pain and aches, and it achieves this by providing stimulation to the nerve tracts and giving back support to help you sleep better at night.
  • Drive Medical Alternating Pressure Low-Air Loss Mattress System: Just like others, this mattress reduces friction and intersperses pressure points. This mattress comes in handy for the prevention, treatment, and curing of ulcers. The patient using the mattress can adjust the settings based on his or her preference.

How to get mattresses under the Medicare plan

The moment you get your doctor’s approval for obtaining a DME, you can begin searching for a suitable mattress.

You might need a new mattress for special use, but don’t forget that pressure relieving mattresses comes with several benefits. These mattresses make you sleep better, give you more comfort, and relieve you of pain. These benefits help to enhance your well-being and health.

When you check online, you will see several options that are certified by Medicare. And you can begin your research by checking Medicare’s website. With this, you can access local stores that have the bed you need.

It is also vital to know more about your Medicare plans and how much you will have to pay from your end.

To wrap it up, conducting your research helps you to get a suitable mattress under any Medicare plan that is great for your health.  

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