How you can make money by selling old vehicles to Online Junkyards

When your car becomes old, the next option that would cross your mind is to sell it. However, you will realize at that moment that it is challenging to sell a dysfunctional car.

Most times, you will observe that old cars end up staying in the garage for years because their owners could not get a buyer. People do not know that you can make lots of money instead of your old car sitting idly.

If your vehicle’s condition is not great, and it is difficult to get a buyer, you can sell to an auto junkyard. Selling to a junkyard can bring you much money that equates to selling to a prospective buyer.

The definition of an Auto Junkyard

Most people think an Auto Junkyard is a city dump, but it is more than that. An auto junkyard which is also referred to as wrecking yards or auto salvage yards are places where old vehicles are taken to reduce waste.

It is typical for a junkyard to accept dysfunctional and wrecked cars. Then, they dissect the parts of the vehicle and sell the useable ones at a lesser price.

If you take your old car to an auto junkyard, you will be paid based on the aggregate value of all the parts that would be vetted by Salvage experts. These experts are responsible for selling your vehicle’s pieces because they take them to repair shops, salvage brands, or car companies.

The Salvage experts would try all within their power to sell every single part of the car that is still quite useful. According to, any vehicle can be sold off to an auto junkyard. So, if your car was involved in an accident, or it is just a worn-out vehicle, it would be split into parts, and you will be paid for it.

How to get good cash for your old car parts

If you feel you would not get much money from selling your old car to a buyer, it is best to consider an auto junkyard. Every part of your vehicle might be worth some money at an auto junkyard. And you will get cash for each sold-off part.

Every piece of your car has the prospects to earn you some money. It might be the tires, radio or even the functioning transmission. What matters for you to make more money is knowing what each piece of your car is worth.

Notable car brands like Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla have parts that can be effortlessly sold to vehicle owners. For car brands that are not popular, they might not have car parts that are in great demand.

According to, there are six factors that determine how much cash you will get when you salvage your vehicle

  • Demands for the parts
  • If your car runs or not
  • Condition of your car
  • Year of production
  • Make of the car
  • Model of the car

If your old car model is a popular one, you will make much money than you would if you sold to a buyer.

Try out an online auto-junkyard today

If you want to make money off your old car, the first step is to reach out to salvage yards and local junkyards. These places can be easily located when you search online.

It is vital to consider all local junkyards within your reach so that you can compare the prices they give you. With this, you will be able to settle for the junkyard that offers you the best value.

Besides, you can also use websites like Craigslist and eBay to get buyers for old cars. When you list your old vehicle on any of these trusted sites, it would be easy to sell when you find a salvage yard or a local junkyard company. Also, without leaving the comfort of your home, you can sell your car by searching online and getting an auto junkyard that is willing to pay good cash for your vehicle. 

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