3 uncommon ways to save hundreds of dollars on car parts

When your car breaks down, it can be very expensive to fix it. If you drive an expensive car, it means you will spend more on repairs. One of the major problems is, replacing car parts can cost you hundreds of dollars. If you need a way to save money when buying car parts, this guide is for you.

According to reports, a Toyota owner will spend an average of $5,500 on repairs within the first ten years. Mercedes-Benz or BMW owners are likely to spend around $17,800 in the first ten years. That is too expensive for simple maintenance and conventional repairs.

To avoid spending too much on car parts, you need to shop in the right place.

1. Go to Junkyards

You will be surprised to find very cheap car parts at junkyards – which are also referred to as salvage yards. Junkyards are places where wrecked or dysfunctional vehicles are taken. Typically, junkyards give money to car owners for their out-of-use vehicles. The junkyard experts make their money by disassembling old vehicles, taking out the functional parts, and reselling them.

Junkyards can sell parts ranging from engines to tires to floor mats and radios. This is why a junkyard can be your best bet for finding vehicle parts. Interestingly, you can get functional parts or even brand new parts at really low prices.

People believe that junkyards are messy, but that is an archaic stereotype. These days, they are properly structured and organized. According to BestRide.com, a good number of junkyards have their inventory systems online. The available car parts are on the internet for prospective buyers.

With this innovative technology, junkyards are listing their available parts online for everyone to see. From your home, you can reach out to a junkyard that is several miles away and find the parts you need.

The interesting part is that junkyard parts are certainly within your budget, and this is because there are no middlemen or packaging. Also, junkyards negotiate parts on the shoppers’ interests and demands, which saves you money.

2. Everything is negotiable

The next crucial step is to negotiate for a lower price when you see the parts you want. According to Road and Track, it is possible to see lower prices for a part at many junkyards other than the ones you visit in-person. This is why most of them are open to negotiation.

When you see the parts you need in the junkyard’s online catalog, reach out to them and inform them that you have done ample research on the part’s value. You can also inform them that you have seen the same parts for a lesser price somewhere else.

According to Road and Track, the moment salvage professionals realize that you are knowledgeable, they will be willing to reduce the price for you.

It is crucial to negotiate when you are browsing junkyards because it could save you more than when you spend on new parts. And the interesting part is, you can do it in few minutes.

3. Shop online for car parts

Even though your best mechanic gives you a fair price for car parts and repairs, you can get a better price from an online junkyard.

If you need car parts, you can shop online and search at your convenience, and you can even check stores like Craigslist, Amazon, eBay, and other little salvage companies. Whatever the model you are looking for, you will find it.

When you shop online for parts, it helps you to effortlessly compare the available options before you buy. You can compare the same part from various junkyards and online stores, which will help you get the best lowest price.

It is vital to conduct your research so that you can save more money.   

Shopping for parts online allows you to quickly and easily compare your options. You can compare the same part from different online shops or junkyards. And you can also ensure you’re getting the lowest price possible. Make sure you do your research, and you’ll save even more money when buying parts.


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