Five Common Tourist Dishes that are Potentially Fatal

Most travelers think that adventure travel is climbing mountains, hiking deep into the woods, or adventure travel. Yet, there is a type of adventure that has to do with tasting the fatal foods in the world.

#5 – Fugu (Japan)

Fugu, Japan

If you are working on traveling to Japan soon, you can prepare yourself to try out Fugu, which is a local delicacy. Fugu which is also called Pufferfish contains a neurotoxin that can suffocate and paralyze anyone if the dish is not cooked correctly.

In Japan, there is a law that compulsorily mandates chefs to undergo a minimum of three years of training, before they allowed to prepare and serve the fish to the public.

#4 – Hakarl (Iceland)

Hakarl (Iceland)

For people who love seafood, you will enjoy Hakarl. Hakarl is the national dish in Iceland, and it comprises Greenland shark. Now, the Greenland shark needs to be cured and dried in the open for six months before it is considered fit for consumption.

The Greenland shark does not come with a urinary tract. So, it excretes toxins and wastes through its skin. The only proficient way to eliminate these toxins is to cure the fish so that it would be safe to eat.

#3 – Ackee (Jamaica)

Ackee (Jamaica)

Ackee is the official fruit in Jamaica, and it is very toxic when it is taken raw or not properly cooked. It is safe not to cook it yourself if you don’t know how to. Besides, you can visit the local restaurants and have the chef cook it for you.

Ackee is best taken with vegetables, and the dish is very delicious. When you eat properly cooked “Ackee”, you will experience no side effects.

#2 – Cassava Root (Africa and South America)

Cassava Root (Africa and South America)

Cassava root is widespread in Africa and South America, and it is used to prepare puddings, chips, cakes and juice.

If it is not cooked properly or taken raw, it can be very deadly. Most people are not aware that cassava root in the raw form contains cyanide. And just a little quantity of cyanide is needed to kill an individual.

#1 – Sannakji (Korea)

Sannakji (Korea)

Sannakji is a trendy dish in South Korea, and it comprises a young octopus that has been diced into little pieces while it is still alive, and it is served instantly to the guest. The Sannakji is not poisonous, but it is deadly because of their choking effect.

The Sannakji has suction cups situated on the raw tentacles, and they are active when they are given to the guest. The suction cups can grip the interior of the eater’s throat, which can make them choke to death.

For people who are thinking of having this dish when they visit Korea, it is best to chew appropriately before swallowing.

If you are a food tourist, which of these deadly dishes will you like to try?

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