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  • Is the 2021 Ford F-150 Worth Waiting For?

    In the United States, the Ford F-150 seems to be selling out faster than any other truck. People love it because of its first-class features and tech-fortified cabin. The Ford F-150 performs well in either on-road or off-road situations. Available Trims XL: $28,495 XLT: $34,510 Lariat: $43,000 King Ranch: $52,740 Raptor: $53,205 Platinum: $55,270 Limited: $67,485 Performance Specifications The F-150’s engine stands […] More

  • 5 Alternatives to Buying a New Car

    One undeniable fact is, buying a brand-new car is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make. Currently, the price of a brand-new vehicle is more than $34,000. Aside from the purchase price, new car owners have to bear the costs of maintenance, interest payments on loans, insurance, and other similar expenses. Here are five alternatives to buying a new car. More

  • 2019 Nissan Frontier

    Top 9 Affordable Pickup Trucks for Seniors

    There are tons of features to consider if you want to buy a pickup truck. For some people, they prefer a top towing capacity. And others want a truck that would be durable to drive off-road. As we get older, our preferences change.
    For seniors, a good number of them prefer features that would make up for their driving weakness. This is a list of the crucial points that seniors consider before buying a pickup truck. More

  • Why the Price of New SUVs Keep Dropping

    Two in every five people want an SUV at some point in their lives. The only thing preventing them is the price of an SUV can be on the high side. However, what is unknown to most people is that dealerships are always ready to offer mouthwatering deals for people who want a new SUV at a reduced price. More

  • How you can make money by selling old vehicles to Online Junkyards

    When your car becomes old, the next option that would cross your mind is to sell it. However, you will realize at that moment that it is challenging to sell a dysfunctional car. Most times, you will observe that old cars end up staying in the garage for years because their owners could not get […] More

  • A peep into the 2020 Buick SUV listing

    For a while now, there have been ongoing changes in the Buick lineup. And things are looking different for the General Motors brand in 2020. Drivers in the U.S now have an increasing lineup, and it is evident that Buick is paying more attention to crossovers and SUVs. Also, drivers will certainly adore the latest […] More