5 Money-Saving Reasons for Renting a Self-Storage Unit

Storage units are generally known to be places where you can store possessions and furniture you don’t have room for. That being said, storage units can have more use than just storing old furniture and junk pieces.

As time goes on, storage unit owners are beginning to look outside the box to find new ways to use a storage unit that are both unique and creative. Below, we will go over some unique and thrifty ways to use a self-storage unit.

1. Food and Emergencies

Source – Self-Storage Units can be an inexpensive way to store emergency food and supplies

The 2020-2021 year has been difficult on everyone, and, most of all, we’ve seen the importance of being prepared for anything that comes your way. While we won’t expect frequent pandemics or natural disasters, there is no doubt that we need to be prepared for any situation. Because of this, you may want to consider stashing some food, water, and other emergency supplies in your storage unit.

A major benefit of using a storage unit for emergency supplies is that they’ll be stored away from your home. If you’re faced with a natural disaster, you may not be able to go back home, and, as such, a stocked storage unit could be your saving grace. You could also store sentimental items in the storage unit in case you’re holed up there for extended periods of time.

2. Create a Home Gym

Source – Self-storage units are a popular alternative for building a home gym

With the pandemic, we’ve also realized the importance of having a backup solution for gyms if you can’t access yours. When you have your own gym, you don’t need to worry about anyone using up all of the equipment or being too cramped.

All of this being said, you also don’t need to use up too much space in your home to create a gym. Instead, you can use a storage unit to prevent space in your home from being occupied. You can easily fit bikes, treadmills, and weights into a 5’X5’ space. In a 10’X10’ space, you can add benches and squat racks.

Below you can watch a live tour of someone’s home gym made from a self-storage unit.

3. A Workspace

Source – Creative artists rented out self-storage units to use as an art gallery

For many, having a workspace that allows them to follow their passions or start a business feels impossible. Many don’t have room in their homes to do this, and, even if they do, building an entire workshop within their home may not seem feasible. That’s where a storage unit comes into play. A storage unit provides you with the perfect space to store your projects and the equipment needed to create them. Many artists use self-storage units as their personal studio.

For potential renters, it’s best to ask the owner of the storage unit whether you can use the space as a workshop. That’s because some projects will release things like fumes and sparks and, as such, can be hazardous for those in the surrounding area. You should also ask whether you’ll be allowed to open the storage unit while you’re using it so that you can keep it ventilated.

4. A Home Office

Source – Storage Units are often an overlooked alternative to renting office space

Another great use for storage units is a home office. When you work remotely, you’re bombarded by any number of distractions. Whether you have pets, children, a spouse, etc., working from home can prove to be just as difficult as working in an office. That’s why turning a storage container into a home office can be so rewarding. To start, you need a source for your WiFi, for example, a WiFi hotspot. You’ll also want to invest in office furniture, a power strip, and appropriate lighting. As long as you have all of this, you’re set!

5. A Rehearsal Space

Source – Start your garage band from a self-storage unit

Everyone knows how irritating it can be to have a rehearsal space within their home. Whether you’re a musician or you’re living with one, there’s nothing worse than trying to have some peace only to have drums and guitars playing in the background.

A great solution for those who need a space to rehearse is to rent out a storage unit. You can trick it out however you want to ensure that it suits your needs. Make sure you ask the storage unit owner first to make sure they don’t mind using the storage unit as a rehearsal space.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have an unused storage space or you’re thinking of renting one, you’ve come to the right place. If you don’t have space for your various endeavors at home, self-storage space is the way to go. You can use it as a rehearsal space, a home office, a gym, and more!

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