4 Workout Applications that make Home Exercising Effortless

If you are working assiduously to stay fit or you are beginning a new exercise routine, it might be challenging to stick to the fitness classes. You might need to get a gym membership, and you will also need an experienced personal trainer who will ensure you are dedicated to your workouts.

With the innovations in technology, all you need is a smartphone to make your workout efficient. Even workout professionals, fitness experts, and persona trainers have resorted to using mobile applications and online videos for their line of work.

This suggests that with a workout application, you can do your workout at home. In addition to a personal fitness plan and weekly workout tasks, you can get fit right in your room.

Here are four applications that are suited to make home-workouts very easy.

#1 – Active by PopSugar

Active by PopSugar

Where you can find: Roku, Google Play, Apple App Store, Chromecast and Apple TV

Cost: Free. If the app decides to include a payment option, all customers will be notified

Workouts Available:

  • Yoga
  • Boxing
  • High Intensity
  • Pilates
  • Dance
  • Strength and toning
  • Low Impact

Reasons why it is remarkable: This app comprises over 500 various workouts, and new workouts are integrated each month. If you are a beginner, mid-level or professional, there is a workout or more for everyone.

Fitness professionals can teach the workouts in Active by PopSugar, and you can give yourself weekly challenges using the videos as a yardstick. Each workout has a maximum time limit of 45 minutes. And you are free to mix workouts to target areas of your body.

#2 – Freeletics Bodyweight

Freeletics Bodyweight

Where you can find: Google Play, Apple App Store

Cost: Downloading is free. Getting the workouts videos is $34.99 monthly.

Workouts Available: All the workouts in Freeletics major on strength training through performing bodyweight workouts, so equipment is not needed. If you want increased resistance or a fresh challenge, you are free to add weights.

Reasons why it is remarkable: This app presents a perfect opportunity to get fit at home, and this is because no equipment is needed. Also, you don’t need too much space. The duration for each workout is between 10-30 minutes, and there is a virtual coach to put you through with fitness tests to evaluate your performers.

Also, some timers ensure you don’t go overboard. This app works well for you irrespective of your living space. You can switch to any mode you want to fit into your space.

#3 – Studio Tone It Up

Studio Tone It Up

Where you can find: ToneItUp.com, Google Play and Apple App Store

Cost: New registered members can use the limited free trial; once it ends, you will pay $12.99 each month to access the workout videos.

Workouts Available: Majorly, the workouts in this application are concentrated on strength training with several varieties to choose from if you don’t want to. There are workouts for yoga, kickboxing, HIIT, barre, and even for all pregnancy stages.

If you crave to connect with your inner self, there are meditation workout to this effect.

Reasons why it is remarkable: This app has something for all kinds of fitness or workout enthusiasts. Even though there is a broad range of workout classes, the goal is to tone your muscles and gain more strength. Asides from having access to the workout videos, you can get accountability partners by connecting with other members and even taking part in live videos if you want.

Studio Tone It Up works like a traditional workout/fitness class where you can do workouts on demand or register for the workouts you want. You will also be notified at different intervals when classes are about to start.

#4 – Asics Studio

Asics Studio

Where you can find: Google Play and Apple App Store

Cost: The starting price is $14.99 monthly, and the subscription prices differ depending on your choice

Workouts Available: In this app, the primary focus is on strength training, and there are also cardio workouts which would need an elliptical machine or a treadmill

Reasons why it is remarkable: Asics is a notable name in the workout world, but this app is new in the game. You can decide to either download or watch workout videos, and they are all taken by fitness experts and trainers. There is also a music playlist to spice things up.

However, what distinguishes this app from others is, the workouts are audio alone with no form of visual insights. You can effortlessly exercise and perform movements without looking at your screen.

Ways to find other easy home workouts apps

Irrespective of your expertise in the level of fitness, new workout apps have made it easy to exercise at home with no need for a pricey gym membership or a personal trainer. These apps can provide anything you need, like guidelines, equipment, and fitness levels without using machines.

To search other home workouts apps, you can surf through your selected app store. Since more fitness experts have moved their business online, you should quickly see workout apps that even come for free. And with this, you have found a new way to workout at home.

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