25 Female Athletes who are prettier than Models

Undoubtedly, men’s sports are way more famous than women’s sports, and this is obvious from the crowd that converges at stadiums and the countless number of people who watch on the Television. The same cannot be said for women’s sports which some events are hardly aired on the media.

Due to this and several other reasons, female sportspersons have made it a point of duty to brand themselves. And the fact is, most times, their looks are far better than their playing abilities.

#1 – Stephanie Rice (Swimmer)

Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice is an Australian swimmer who made the headlines during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. No one expected Rice to return without a medal. Also, no one expected her to come with three gold medals.

However, as she made headlines for her victorious feats, she was also in the news for some disreputable activities. During the London Olympics, she didn’t win any medal as she did previously. At some intervals, she was seen rolling with people like Kobe Bryant and the likes.

#2 – Sophie Horn (Golfer)

Sophie Horn

Sophie Horn is one female golfer who is well known for her good looks. She has made more impact on her Maxim than her career in gold. When you check her website, you will see a stunning lady spread across a sofa in little shorts and bra.

Sophie’s sex symbol message is clear, and in addition to her golfing career, which didn’t do well, she presents at shows, and she models sometimes.

Sophie ventured into the world of golfing when she was young. And she won the Under-21 title at five years. As she grew older, she got more beautiful, but her golf game declined. Hence, she resolved to become a fitness expert and model as she gradually drifted from golf.

#3 – Sierra Quitiquit (Skier)

Sierra Quitiquit

Sierra Quitiquit is a stunning 5’10” blonde lady who makes a mark anywhere she is. She is one of the hottest ladies in skiing. Also, she is known for landing endorsement deals more than she performs at skiing championships.

Some of the big companies she has worked with are Lululemon, Nike, and American Eagle. When she appeared on “America’s Next Top Model”, she gave an extensive interview about her career and life.

Sierra happened to take several global modeling campaigns from New York, America to Tokyo, Japan. The hot and pretty lady also worked with brands like US Weekly, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Cosmo and People.

#4 – Sara Galimberti (Runner)

Sara Galimberti

Sara Galimberti is more popular in Italy, where she grew up for winning the coveted “Miss Lombardia.” However, she is known in the United States as the alluring and hot Italian track star.

Sara participated in the Half Marathon, 5km, 10,000m, 5000m, 3000m, 1500m, 1000m, and 800m races.

#5 – Ronda Rousey (MMA fighter)

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is an MMA, and Judo star bred in Riverside, California. Rousey has a gentle disposition, but she is the exact opposite in the ring. Her skills won her the Bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic game. Later on, she went on to build one of the most thriving female MMA careers ever with the UFC.

Notably, in the UFC, she won the Bantamweight title a whopping six times. Rousey is not camera-shy, and when she is not in the ring fighting, she looks great when she is going for a hangout at night. Although she has had some challenging losses, Ronda is one of MMA’s greats.

#6 – Natalie Gulbis (Golfer)

Natalie Gulbis

Natalie is one notable golfer with the LGPA who performs excellently well while paying equal attention to her fashion sense. The pretty blonde golfer asides from being a good player have been of great use to her clubs.

Natalie Gulbis has played her part by acing some wins in Golf. When she was 14, she played her first LGPA occasion. And in 2017, the 5’9” attractive lady won her first professional title at the Evian Masters event in France.

Her most prominent ranking was in 2006 where she was in the top 20. However, that was the best she ever was. Once, the United States Association forbade her photos from being vented during a golf event, and they branded it “inappropriate”.

Natalie has more endorsement deals than golf event wins, and some of them were with: Lexus, MasterCard, Lake Las, EA Sports, Vegas Resort, and Pure Silk.

#7 – Michelle Jenneke (Hurdler)

Michelle Jenneke

When Michelle Jenneke was 19 years old in 2012, she made waves on the internet when a pre-race dance routine of hers went viral and amassed more than a million views within a week. Michelle was later nicknamed “The sexy Australian hurdler,” and she got featured in shows like The Tonight Show and Top Gear.

Due to her gorgeous looks, she modeled for big magazines, one of which was the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2013. This time around, she remade her sexy pre-race dance in a bikini this time.

#8 – Michelle Wie (Golfer)

Michelle Wie

At the age of 13, Michelle Wie made a record for being the youngest ever golfer to qualify for the LGPA tour in 2003. As expected, the world’s attention was on her, and she did not disappoint by attaining some level of success before she became a professional golfer in 2005.

Lots of people expected superb performances from her when she became a part of the LGPA tour in 2009, and they were eager to see her begin her career during the tour. Sadly, she did not impress as expected but to make up for this; she has made lots of millions from endorsement deals.

#9 – Lolo Jones (Hurdler)

Lolo Jones

The 2012 Olympic game in London did not turn out fine for Lolo Jones. Asides from the fact that she failed to win a medal at her second Olympics, several fans blasted her performance. However, before the Olympics, she was one of the female athletes that people looked out for.

#10 – Kristi Leskinen (Skier)

Kristi Leskinen

Kristi is a famous US freestyler skier who is known for being the first female to perform a rodeo 720. When she was asked about her reputation as a model, she mentioned that if that is what makes her more popular, she does not mind. However, she said that skiing comes first for her, and she takes it seriously.

#11 – Kiira Korpi (Figure Skater)

Kiira Korpi

The spectacular Kiira Korpi, who is a figure skater from Finland, can be correctly referred to as a dazzling ice princess. However, on the ice, she has not won any medal in a global competition. However, she has won some medals in her native Finland.

Since mid-June, Korpi was missing in action due to injuries, and her inability to fully recover made her leave most of the competitions particularly the 2012 World Championships.

The main point here is, the slightly talented figure skater who has success in Just Finland should stick to her modeling gigs and endorsements deals where she performs excellently.

#12 – Eugenie Bouchard (Tennis Player)

Eugenie Bouchard

In Tennis, it looks as if female players are job secured when they are done with their career. In women’s tennis, there are lots of beautiful women, some of whom had to change careers because they were struggling in Tennis.

The stunning Canadian Eugenie took the world by storm; however, she did not remain in the limelight for long. She struggled to remain relevant on the court, but her Instagram pastime performed better. Eugenie is already into modeling, and there is a chance she will leave Tennis if there is no improvement in her game.

#13 – Ellen Hoog (Field Hockey)

Ellen Hoog

The Dutch field Hockey female player swings the stick perfectly just like she looks good in front of the camera. Ellen has on several medals, some of which were during the 2008 Beijing where she won a Gold medal. Then, London Olympics where she carted home a Gold medal; at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, she won a silver medal. And at the world cup, she won one silver and two Gold medals.

The pretty Netherlands native is one of the sportswomen who looks great on and off the field. Since 2004, she has represented her country and her time seems to be up soon. However, fans are satisfied that she will still be on the screens for several years to come if she goes full-time modeling.

#14 – Daniela Hantuchova (Tennis Player)


Daniela is known as one of the female tennis players on the WTA tour with her insignificant singles record. During the early phase of her career, the tennis beauty had some success in mixed doubles and doubles. However, her success in singles has not been impressive as her winnings have not been consistent in the last ten years.

Even though she is not outstanding as expected on the court, her gorgeous looks have landed her some modeling gigs with magazines and brands. The Slovak beauty has been conspicuously featured in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and the ESPN: The Magazine’s yearly body issue (2012).

#15 – Danica Patrick (Nascar Driver)

Danica Patrick

In 2005, Danica Patrick made the headlines when she became one of the few women to compete in the Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500. She did not only become a notable superstar because of her great driving skills; her figure also made her very popular.

Danica was the first woman to ride to victory in the IndyCar series race and also lead the Daytona 500s and Indianapolis. This beauty has been racing for quite a while, and people are suggesting that her retirement is almost up. Till today, Danica looks as charming as she was when she began her career.

#16 – Blair O’Neal (Golfer)

Blair O’Neal

Some female golfers are known for chasing their modeling careers instead of reaching the apex of golfing. There’s nothing wrong with this, however, as it suggests that the alluring golfers turned models would continue to grace our screens.

The Macomb, Illinois’ born hotness was raised in Arizona where she spent most of her time at the Ranch Golf Club (Mesa, Arizona). O’Neal performed well as an amateur, and this earned her a scholarship to join the team at Arizona State University.

When she finished college, she became a professional, but injuries and her great modeling figure made her drift away from golf. In modeling, it has been a smooth ride for her having secured big deals with brands like Puma. Currently, Blair O’Neal is tipped as one of the hottest female golfers ever.

Blair had a good run in golf, but her great looks further launched her into the limelight.

#17 – Ashley Harkleroad (Tennis Player)


Ashley Harkleroad was one of the hottest female athletes to ever grace our screens. She started her career in 2003, and at a point in her career, she was the 3rd on WTA rankings. However, injuries, poor improvement, and motherhood took a toll on her, and she ended her career in 2010.

#18 – Anna Sidorova (Curling Player)

Anna Sidorova

Anna Sidorova is one example of athletes who perform exceedingly well outside their sports. The stunning Russian curler was the name on everyone’s lips during the Winter Olympics in 2014. People who have not watched curling in their lives found themselves watching it not only because of her skills but her great figure.

#19 – Anna Rawson (Golfer)

Anna Rawson

It is correct to state that if the LGPA tour could grab half the attention as the stunning Australian princess has done since she started her career, they would have been rated better. In 2008, when Anna was done playing collegial golf at her school, the University of Southern California, she joined the tour.

Even though her official website reveals her as a professional female golfer, Anna has been out of play since 2010. Her best performance ever was finishing as one of the best ten in a competition in 2008.

With her poor performance in golf, Anna is still habitually talked about when female golfers are mentioned.

#20 – Anna Kournikova (Tennis Player)

Anna Kournikova

We don’t think there is anyone who has received more attention and marketing in sports more than Anna Kournikova. The stunning Russian blonde is the most talked about and advertised athlete ever. In the real sense, the media was more focused on hyping her great looks instead of her tennis game, and Anna smartly played along.

Other female athletes who competed against Anna were envious of her stunning looks and the attention the media granted her. She got several endorsements deals more than anyone on the tour even though her tennis career was not much of a success.

On average, Anna performed well in several tournaments, but she did not come close to winning a major title, as she was found wanting in certain areas. However, off the court, Anna was outstanding as she made lots of millions from endorsement deals and modeling.

During her time of active play, no athlete was more popular than her as she was well treated like a star.

#21 – Anastasia Ashley (Surfer)

Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley is one of those female athletes who are more hyped for her great looks rather than being a surfer. However, she grants interviews regularly, and often, her pictures are always taken in surfboard areas. Also, people have often mentioned that she lives close to the beach.

Ashley is pretty and stunning, and the attention she gets for this would make you think she is in the ASP list of top 100 surfers (female) in the world.

#22 – Allison Stokke (Pole Vaulter)

Allison Stokke

In Pole Vault, no female athlete has attained the level of success than Allison Stokke has achieved, and this is largely due to her outstanding performance. Allison is still largely hyped even though she did not perform well when she began her pole-vaulting career in college.

For several years and counting, Stokke has graced the list of the sexiest female athletes globally. However, she is popular for having a backside and a great shape that has earned her several endorsement deals.

#23 – Alicia Schmidt (Runner)

Alicia Schmidt

The German rising young star has been labeled the “sexiest athlete in the world” after releasing several sexy Instagram posts. Also, the stunning young beauty is perceived by many as the star of tomorrow in German athletics as she is poised to succeed at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, which has been postponed.

At the junior level, Schmidt has performed excellently as she helped her German team win silver during the 4*400 relay at the European Athletics Under-20 Championships. Asides from her success on the track, Schmidt is popular for making heads turn with her raunchy photos.

#24 – Alana Blanchard (Surfer)

Alana Blanchard

When you ask a male surfer who his favorite female surfer is, there is a big chance that they will mention Alana. On the other hand, Alana is someone who prefers to focus more on her surfing instead of making heads turn.

When she was much younger, she was nicknamed the “Anna Kournikova of Surfing”, and since then the blonde beauty damsel has become one of the most famous sportswomen on social media.

Blanchard has the perfect body, and this is why she combines careers as a professional female surfer and a stunning bikini model. Recently, during the Movistar Women’s games in Peru, she came second in the competition.

People do not only love Blanchard for her surfing skills, but we also love her because of the erotic hot pictures she uploads on her Twitter account.

#25 – Leryn Franco (Javelin Thrower)

Leryn Franco

The Paraguayan beauty competed at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and the London Olympics in 2012, but she failed to make an impression on both occasions. Franco has mentioned several that she enjoys being a professional athlete. However, what pays her bills more is her successful career as an international professional model.

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